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When is rent due?

Rent is due the 1st day of every month. Your first rental payment is due August 1st even though you will not move in until later in the month, this payment will take care of the first and last August that you live at Westside Village. The 1st payment is not prorated.

Do you have a grace period?

There is a grace period. You have until the 5th to pay with out late fees. If payment is received after the 5th there is a $5 dollar per day late fee, which starts from the 1st going forward, so by the 6th you have $30 in late fees.

Do you send a bill every month?

We email out rental statements around the middle of every month. The rental statement issued each month is for the entire monthly rental amount. How you and your roommates divide the rent is up to you to decide. Because statements are emailed out, it is very important that you provide us with the correct email address for both you and your parents.

Is my lease an individual lease?

No, all leases at Westside Village are joint and several, meaning everyone is held equally responsible. We view you as a group not individuals.

My parents won’t sign the parental guaranty form, will you still rent to me?

If your parents don’t trust you to make the rent payment, should we? Everyone that signs a lease with Westside Village must have a notarized parental guaranty form.

How can I make rent payments?

We accept checks, money orders and credit/debit cards. We do not accept cash.

What utilities am I responsible for?

This depends on the property. Please check the out the listings under the apartment tab.

How do I set up utilities?

Please click here for utility information.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

If you are in need of maintenance in your apartment please click here to submit a maintenance request or contact the office at 814-234-1707. If this is an emergency request after normal business hours & the management office is closed, please call 814-278-5913 to speak to a maintenance technician.

What if I get locked out of my apartment?

If you are locked out during our normal office hours, please come to the office we will be happy to lend you a key. If you are locked out after hours please call the emergency lock out number at 814-278-5913. In the event that you are locked out after hours there is $100.00 fee to be let back into your apartment, this includes bedrooms. Please keep track of your keys. If you happen to lose your keys, it might be cheaper to call your roommates or to sleep on the couch for the night. Absolutely, under no circumstance, is it okay to kick in your door. You will be held responsible for the replacement/repairs.

Can we move in early?

Your move-in date is printed clearly on the front page of your lease. Due to having to prepare many of our units for move in during the month of August, moving in early is usually not an option. Please do not call our office to ask, as we are very, very busy that time of year. If you have a schedule conflict please work it out ahead of time.

If my apartment is furnished what does it come with?

Furnished apartments come with the following: Regular Twin Size Bed-per person Dresser Futon/Couch Coffee Table Kitchen Table & Chairs All other personal items such as a desk, etc. you will need to bring with you. Please remember you are not moving into a hotel. If you do not want the furniture that is provided to you are responsible for the storage yourself.

Is parking included in the rent?

No, parking can be rented separately from your apartment. We have many different parking options available. We rent parking daily, monthly, semester or yearly. Please click here for more detailed information.

Can we have parties?

We are not here to babysit you. However, if you chose to have a “get together” please do so responsibly. Remember you are responsible for you and your guest. After your get together please clean up all trash and debris. It is usually a good idea to keep a trash can outside, it makes clean up easier. The State College Borough patrols the properties looking for trash and debris outside of your home. In the event that trash is found outside of your property the borough will either give you a fine or warning. Getting one of these will result in an additional $100 fine from Westside Village. There is a point system in State College that targets nuisance properties. Once a property accumulates a certain amount of points Westside Village can lose their rental permit. If we lose our rental permit you will be responsible for all lost rental revenue until our license is restored. Please check out State College Borough’s information on living in the State College here.

Do you allow pets?


Can we use our security deposit to pay our last months rent?

No. You will be charged late fee for any unpaid rent.

When do we get our security deposit back?

30 days after the lease end date. Please make sure you fill out the Security deposit return form so we know where we can send your security deposit information. Please make sure you read through this form carefully.

What are the most common security deposit charges?

1. Missing keys. All keys must be returned to the office at 12 noon on the lease end date. If you plan on mailing your keys please make sure you are mailing them in a padded envelope and are mailed back in more than enough time. Keys received after 12 noon on the lease will be considered late therefore there is a charge to change the lock.

2. Not having your rental account at a zero balance.

3. Cleaning-You must clean your house or apartment prior to moving out. Please follow the detailed instructions in the move out guide. Don’t forget you must have your carpets professional cleaned prior to move out. Don’t forget to turn in your carpet cleaning receipt.

4. Items left behind such as garbage, personal items, and furniture. If you are selling some of your furniture to the new tenants, you and the new tenants must make arrangements ahead of time to have the furniture removed, otherwise we will remove it at a cost to you. Please make sure that everything that belongs to you is out of the apartment.

5. Anything that ruins the paint job on the wall.

6. Missing screens.

7. Smoke detectors-please make sure all smoke detectors are in place and in working order. The smoke detectors are your responsibility throughout the leasing term.

8. Taking the electric out of your name prior to the lease end date. If the electric is taken out of your name early it will result in a $150 early disconnect fee.

We have put together a very detailed move out guide, if you follow the instructions you should not have a problem getting back your security deposit. Please click here to view the move out guide.

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